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Awesome Sound library

Spend some quality time with your friends and family by playing friendly pranks, annoy your brother or sister, or just have plain fun. Animate your discussions, videos or podcasts with a large collection of high quality sounds listed by category.

Customizable Keyboard

Keep handy your favorite sounds and use them quickly. You don't need to browse the long list to find the sounds effects you prefer, just use the keyboard, which is simple to use and fast. Simply add them on your customizable keyboard.

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Sound Effects for Android (left)

Enhanced Browsing

Enjoy an user-friendly app and take full advantage of all the features. With Sound Effects, just press a button to trigger a sound, or another to add it as favorite. Quickly find a desired sound with the enhanced browsing.

App Features

Discover the main Benefits.

Wide Sound collection

Enjoy a large choice of noises for every occasions (video, prank, discussion...).

Easy to use

Use a clean app with a simple, easy-to-use design and intuitive functionalities.

Useful Keyboard

Organize your favorite sounds as you want into a keyboard to access them quickly.

Sound Effects for Android

High Audio quality

Play realistic sounds of high audio quality from the best sound recordists and designers.

Elegant Design

Have a good time with design elements created to provide the optimal user experience.

Regular Updates

Obtain new sounds, features and more stability by installing regular updates.

App Reviews

Rated 4.3/5 across 101 681 reviews.

"It's a good app comes in handy while entertaining and streaming."
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William G.
Satisfied User
"I love it! It was awesome for tricks and stuff. I can't count all the tricks I played."
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Alexia O.
Satisfied User
"Liked it! It has lots of sounds and it's pretty cool."
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Lore D.
Satisfied User

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