• About PXL APPS

    Who are we? What do we do and why?

Our History

PXL APPS is an app development company founded in 2014 in Roubaix (FRANCE), and focuses on building its very own services and products. Our apps are used and trusted by millions of users and have been installed in numerous countries worldwide.

Our Mission

To simplify the life of our users by offering a wide range of Services suited to their needs.

Our Vision

To improve our Services and Products even more by interacting constantly with the Users.

Our Values

Passion, Challenge, Collaboration, Professionalism and Integrity in everything we do.

Our Team


Brahim Rechdi

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Brahim Rechdi is the Co-Founder and CEO of PXL APPS. In addition to running the company, Brahim is in charge of marketing, technical support and act in other departments of the company.

Hakim Boukhatem

Co-Founder & Developer
Hakim Boukhatem is the Co-Founder of PXL APPS and act as developer in the company. Hakim is responsible of every aspect of the app development process. Otherwise, he is actively involved in many departments of the company.
“Our mission is to make your daily routine more enjoyable by developing innovative and powerful tools that simplify your everyday life. We believe that we can provide amazing apps, through our vision, our developments skills and user interactions.”
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Brahim Rechdi